Hamideh Jahanbakhsh

am Hamideh Jahanbakhsh who was born in Mashhad in 1982.
I spent a good childhood with my parents, my siblings.
After finishing elementary, junior high and high school I went to Islamic Azad University in the field of school health and obtained my associate degree.
After graduating from university in 2003, I was very interested in the care and maintenance of skin and hair in a beauty clinic and fortunately there was a lot of growth and progress in the way that I had numerous job offers from various companies and in I got a contract with Science Company in 2006 and after consulting with them I started working as a consultant and got involved with many of the best skin and hair doctors in Mashhad and in the same year I passed technical and professional skin care And with a good score I managed to get a degree.
In 2009, I was invited by the Bahar Clinic to work with them in the consulting and sales of skin and hair products.
In addition to counseling, I learned how to read prescriptions, as well as learning how to sell low-cost brands professionally. I was constantly invited to various conferences to be updated on different products and as a result of increasing the level of information and eventually increasing my abilities.
This interest led me to work at home as well as to receive clients for skin or facial cleansing.
In 2009, I met and married my wife and moved to Tehran because of my husband’s work and life. He was and is a lawyer. Soon I had two children. My son Arad was born in 2010 and my daughter Shailin was born in 2012.
I was out of work for several years due to marriage and childbirth and only occasionally did the same facial skin work at home until I founded a health club in west Tehran in 2014 called Borna Health Club for Women. it works in several sports..
So I decided to enroll in the University of Sports and Physical Education.
In 2017 I entered Islamic Azad University in physical education, undergraduate.
But these things didn’t stop me from pursuing my favorite beauty and health care business and working with a number of skin care consulting and sales companies
From my interests I can point to nature hiking and camping, and I would like to bring my kids and my husband along to create more beautiful experiences and memories.
I love to travel and I wish I could travel the whole world. Travel extends our view of the world. I also enjoy watching movies and listening to music and going to the movies.

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