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Rome is another city in Italy, the capital of Italy and the largest and most populous city in the country. This city has experienced many events with a history of 2500 years and the greatness, rich civilization and valuable art of ancient Rome is clearly seen in most parts. And it feels; Visit the Vatican City, St. Peter’s Basilica, the SistineChapel, magnificent sculptures that are precious relics of immortal masters and artists such as Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci; Museums, squares and historical monuments with the grandeur and charm of this city are among the attractions of this city that you can visit on Nowruz.
History of the city of Rome
The date of Rome is usually considered to be from 22 April 753 BC, the traditional founding date of the city of Rome, which dates back to September 4, 476, the date of the overthrow of Romulus Augustus, the last emperor of Western Rome; These twelve centuries of history have been compiled into six volumes by Edward Gibbon, the 18th-century English politician and most famous historian of Roman history, and Will Durant has devoted a 900-page volume to the history of his civilization; The history of Rome begins with a legend and includes the three early periods and the Republic, the Empire, and the Fall and Fall of the Empire.

Enid, one of the survivors of the city of Troy in that legendary war, comes to the land of present-day Italy. His descendants, Remus and Remulus, are thrown into the water at the behest of the king who kills the boys, and are ironically nursed and raised by a wolf. And later these two people found the city of Rome on seven hills near the river Tiber, this myth is not without truth; The founders of Rome were non-natives of Italy whose people and civilization are now known as the Etruscans. Scholars speculate that they were Babylonians or inspired by the Babylonian civilization who came to Rome and settled there. They brought it to that land.

Rome weather
Rome is one of the most popular tourist cities in Europe and visitors can visit this beautiful city every day and month of the year, although there are times of the year when the weather is great for walking on the beautiful cobbled streets of the city. And it’s nice that this article will guide you in choosing the best time for your trip; The city of Rome is a monsoon region, which is why this place has its own beauty at different times of the year. Spring and autumn are warm and pleasant and sunny, summers are hot and sunny and mild winters are interesting to know. Is a visit.

Spring with warmer climates from April to May with temperatures around 21 ° C is relatively better than the winter months and the tourist population also starts to increase, so do not expect the best hotel prices but worry about finding rooms too. Do not be because the number of accommodations in this big and tourist city is very high; Rome is very hot and humid in the summer months of June to August, these months are the hot season in Rome and you have to book a hotel at least 6 months in advance, the temperature is around 27 degrees Celsius, so be sure to follow the temperature, Pack your bags.

The population shrinks in autumn and the temperature starts to drop, the weather is very good this season like spring, you will face fewer queues for Rome’s tourist attractions and possibly lower hotel prices; The coldest time of the year is from December to the end of February, which is winter, with temperatures ranging from -1 to -10 degrees Celsius. Despite this temperature, it can be said that the best time to visit Rome is winter because the city is not crowded at all and clearly secluded. And it is quiet and the price of accommodation goes down to about half of the peak season, if you are interested in winter and if you have the right clothes, this season can be the best time for you to travel.

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