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Shanghai is a giant city with a large population of the city where the current China Party was founded and is known as the city of skyscrapers. A city of intellectuals and workers with 25 universities and institutes, it is located on the left bank of the Huangpu River south of the Yangtze River, a short distance from the Pacific Ocean, and its name means Chinese on the sea, and Shanghai is divided into two parts by the river. The eastern part, which is a newly built area with new architecture, is called Pudong, and the eastern part is called Shanghai, at the western end of which is Khonchai Airport, which is related to domestic flights, and Shanghai is the most similar city in the world to New York. Call it New York East, Shanghai is the beating heart of China’s economy, and you can be sure of that everywhere in the city.
Shanghai is one of the largest cities in China and the second largest city in the world after Tokyo, and it is the economic and populous capital of China.
History of Shanghai
The city of Shanghai is actually a peninsula between the Yangtze River, Hangzhou Bay and Chang Ming Island and several smaller islands, and the Huangpu River, a tributary of the Yangtze River, divides Shanghai into two parts. It is called Po Kesi and is located in the east of that new part of the city called Pudang. The Huangpu River is about 114 kilometers long and 400 meters wide, with an average depth of 9 meters. It flows through Lake Tai Ho, which is located in the King Po area, and flows east and into the Min Hong region. The Wusang River, also known as the Suzhou River, is one of the most important tributaries of the Hu Angpu River, which joins the Yai Pai River at the site of the Wai Bai Bridge, and finally the Huangpu River north of Shanghai at the mouth of the Pangtse River to the East China Sea. Dian Shan Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Shanghai, with an area of ​​about 63 square kilometers and a depth of about 2 meters, and in the divisions of China, Shanghai is declared one of the four autonomous regions of the country.
Shanghai Weather
Shanghai’s climate is temperate and humid, with four distinct seasons, with relatively cold winters, low rainfall, hot, humid summers, and mild springs and autumns. Sub-zero temperatures are less common, and due to the proximity to the sea, the humidity is relatively high all year round. The island is called Dajin Shan, Xiao Jin Shan and Foshan, which belongs to the Jin Shan region. Dajing Island is 103 meters above sea level and is taller than the other two islands, as well as the three alluvial islands of Chang Ming and Hong Sha in northern Shanghai at the mouth of the Yangtze River. The smaller islands of Chang Xing and Hong Sha are under the jurisdiction of the Baoshan District; Chang Ming is the third largest island in China with an area of ​​about 1,200 square kilometers and is the only city in Shanghai, and the Pudang region is connected to Chang Xing Island by a tunnel and this island is also connected to Chang Ming Island by a bridge.

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